regarde toi dans le miroir. you need to believe me that whatever storm clouds, mental clutters, bad thoughts, self doubts, anxieties, insecurities, depression, loneliness, sadness you’re feeling at this moment won’t last forever. believe me when i say you’ll see the light after this stormy season. believe me when i say you’ll achieve what you deserve. believe me when i say it’s okay to feel numb and want to get over this as soon as possible, to want to solve this problem because the feeling is odd, stuffy, unnerving, or anything. believe me when i say don’t ever resist the feeling, because the moment you try to pull away, it will only suck you even harder — you’ll just drown into the deep abyss you made yourself. believe me when i say just live. live with heavier heart, with more storm inside your chest, with no garden inside your bloodstream. you are not living in a movie, nor in a dream. you are human, so just hang in there, live, love, even though you’re coated with numbness.

do not resist, just take a deep breath, and live.