again, we are here. under the same sky that witnessed how Adam and Eve discovered the sin that tastes heavenly, under the same stars that witnessed how you walked upon the wind until you found me, under the same moon that witnessed how our dreams joined; wild and sweet. i was lost in the labyrinth of my own thoughts, wandering in a maze of my own doubts— but when your laughter enters, it withers all my fears away and it opens me for all the doors i’ve been looking for. you clutch me to your arms and as i look…

regarde toi dans le miroir. you need to believe me that whatever storm clouds, mental clutters, bad thoughts, self doubts, anxieties, insecurities, depression, loneliness, sadness you’re feeling at this moment won’t last forever. believe me when i say you’ll see the light after this stormy season. believe me when i say you’ll achieve what you deserve. believe me when i say it’s okay to feel numb and want to get over this as soon as possible, to want to solve this problem because the feeling is odd, stuffy, unnerving, or anything. believe me when i say don’t ever resist the…

there’s this one room i used to lock myself in.

it’s dark and quiet, hidden so deep inside my heart that no one even knows it exists; but it’s where i would sit for hours with the monsters behind the curtain, talk with the demons under the bed, and play hide-and-seek with the skeletons in the closet.

it’s now full of dust, ghost, and spider webs as i don’t go into that room anymore, but sometimes, when those old friends invite me over, i stand at the door and sing.

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the sky turns orange as the moon quietly rises, seducing the sun for wanting to see you in a much longer time, but then, here she says, “hold on darling, now they are here, stay there and i’ll bring the clouds to you.”

— and yes, now we are here;
laying under the celestial sky, admiring the enchanting spell the sun and the moon make while they worship each other’s beauty, whispering your stories to the silhouette of the trees, to the grace of the soft orange blooms, falling into your splendor.


aku suka sepi. aku suka menghabiskan waktu dengan diriku sendiri, menyibukkan diri dalam hal-hal yang hanya aku yang mengerti. biasanya aku akan membiarkan anganku mengembara bebas, dari mempelajari gerak-gerik manusia sampai memahami cara Tuhan menarik garis-garis takdir. tapi, pengecualian untuk kamu, tolong interupsi sepiku dan kacaukan dengan suara-suara bisingmu. racuni aku dengan semua ceritamu yang tidak pernah habis kamu sampaikan layaknya doa sakral yang harus dilantunkan dalam ritual di bulan purnama. sekarang, heningmu adalah heningku juga, ributmu adalah ributku juga. …

somewhere between each hair strokes and the tender whispers and the inscrutable depth of your eyes, i fell in love. and it was so easy like falling asleep. the sound of your name overwrites the recurring nightmares in my head and puts the monsters to sleep; love, mon chéri, and away go the bad dreams.

our fingers intertwined and my heart skipped a beat. speak to me in silence, sing to me with your heartbeat, promise me a thousand promises in one look because god, love, i still can feel you under my veins and circling through my mind and somewhere between the magic that you sing through my entire body, i fell in love. and my dad taught me to get right back up when i fall — but this is the kind of fall i dont want to get back up from.


he stared at her with a smile curled up on his face.

she looked down, her eyes locked to the ground. even to this day, she still had not get used to the feel when someone stare at her that way; so attentively like she has the entire galaxy in her eyes.

both of them wished silently.

“don’t,” she said.


“don’t look at me like that. you know how i’m still not used to your stares.”

he curled up a wider smile as he watched her getting all blushed.

“but why? i want to keep looking at your face…

good morning,

did you get a good night’s sleep? stars are done watching over you, it’s the sun’s turn. it’s a sunny morning where i am, and it feels so much like you, warm and light. it casts an instant smile on people’s faces so i hope it’s the same where you are. i hope it gives the warmth and strength you need to get by today.

wherever you are, i hope you’re in bright spirits. may this day if not all your days be filled with peace and so much contentment. i have you as a reason to smile…

good night,

i hope the world was kind to you today. i hope your day went by easy, i hope you smiled a lot. wherever you are, i hope you’re not too clouded with worries. i hope you never run out of reasons to laugh and to be happy.

in the quiet of the night, i hope your thoughts are nothing but dreams. the light ones. good ones. sweet ones, warm ones. may your heart always be filled with love and joy. in the quiet of my night, i hope for the best for you. over and over again, i wish for you.

i have reminded the stars to watch over you while you sleep, so please try to rest your mind and heart and sleep well. stay as warm as you could. wave the worries away.

believe me, you are loved. in more ways than you can ever imagine.

the beginning of this year was really, undoubtedly, the most difficult one i have ever experienced. i started this year with a grieving heart. only 10 days after the new year, i, for the very first time, lost someone very close to me and it all felt unreal. it was really hard and really weird at the same time, because she’s one of my very few friends from middle school that i still keep in contact, and we used to regularly schedule a time to meet up; but now that isn’t the case anymore. not gonna go into detail, but…

Nada Hilwa Thufaila

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